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What does Garden Maintenance mean??

Having done garden maintenance in and around Milton Keynes for many years now I have had that question come up a few times.

The confusion comes from gardeners themselves, as gardeners consider garden maintenance in many different ways, some believe it’s a contract , a weekly or bi weekly visit to a customers garden to tidy, mow the grass or whatever needs doing for a non specific time. Some believe it’s the same but for an agreed amount of time per week/fornight. And some believe it’s a more general term for looking after a garden, maybe it’s for the above, or maybe it’s a one off job like trimming a hedge or pruning some roses.

I have always tried to listen to the customer, and get a feeling of what exactly they are after, then tailer my services to there needs. At Barkers garden care, we don’t tend to charge by the hour , but by the job that is required.

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